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Headquartres of the Tech Hires located in Tallinn, Estonia, but we work all over Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA.

How do we work

Candidate screening
We will perform the initial screening of candidates and present you with the suitable matches.

Tests & Interviews
We conduct thorough technical tests, followed by in-depth interviews together.

Probation period
We initiate a probation period with candidates, monitoring their performance in real-life situation.

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Our Advantages

Our agency specializes in relocation of candidates from different countries.

Our recruiters have experience more than 8 years in IT recruitment.

We provide one free replacement of the placed candidate in case he/she leaves your company during the probation period. The length of the guarantee period can be increased or decreased in connection with the recruitment fee upon request.

We work without prepayment because we appreciate your trust. You pay for our services after a candidate starts working in your company.

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Our Conditions

Our fee is 15-18% of the annual salary of the placed candidate.

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